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Employee Contract Termination Letter

HRD Head,

Jones and Co Inc,


June 06, 2011

William Johnson,

Employee No.1010130,

Jones and Co Inc,

Dear Mr. William,

Sub- Termination of your contract with us

Ref- Contract No.201020/Financial Advisor/ Dated Jan 10, 2011

I with this letter hereby would like to inform you that your contract with us is getting terminated on this June 30, 2011. We had undergone an employee contract as per which you will act for us as a financial advisor for us for coming three years.

During last three months we have found that you are not performing well and showing your irresponsibility with the work. We have also heard a lot about your misconduct with other colleagues. Despite of our several warnings you yet not disciplined yourself.

So we have decided to terminate your contract with us as per the terms and conditions of the contract which you have breached through your under performance and misconduct.

We are giving you prior notice of it so that you can find another suitable job for yourself.

Wish you all the best for your future.

Thank You,


HRD Head

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