Contract Letters

Letter to Cancel Contract

Steven Garcia,

Garcia and Sons Inc,


June 06, 2011

Brian Robinson,

Robinson Brothers Inc,


Dear Mr. Brian,

Sub- Letter for cancellation of contract

Ref- Contract No. 101010/ Dated 05/10/2011

I with this letter would like to inform you that we would not be able to perform the contract that we underwent in last month for the supply of Rubber in Colorado. So I hereby request you to allow me to cancel the undergone contract.

During last several months we have not been performing well as far as our business is concerned. So we have taken into consideration the effect of the contract on our financial position and came to conclusion that if we would perform this contract then it would be in tremendous crisis and it would be hard to run our business.

We hope that you will take in your consideration our problems with the contract and will make a positive decision regarding cancellation of contract.

We are waiting for your early reply.


Steven Garcia

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