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Tyler Live

Managing Director

Bates and Mates Limited

23 Roger Moore Street

York Shire, North Land 9078

Dear Mr. Live,

This letter is in response to the business proposal sent by your organization to provide cleaning and repairing service to our organization. We agree to go ahead with the business proposal.

Our management team has gone through the company profile sent by your organization and they are very impressed with it. We are also aware about the reputation of your organization in the market. Above that we would also require a vendor to look after the cleaning of the office premises. We would like to give the responsibility to a responsible vendor and thus, we agree to take your services.

I would request you to send all the required documents so that we can seal all the business formalities. We would also like to know the date from which you can provide your service. I am herewith enclosing the agreement form to be filled in by your organization.


Edward Norton


GL Technologies


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