Breakup Letters

Break Up Letters

Break up letters are letters which signify the end of a relationship and are sent by a lover to his beloved [or vice versa] in order to terminate the relationship. Such letters are often painful for both parties concerned and they are harbingers of trauma, sadness and grief. Thus, the tone of the break up letter is an aspect which deserves particular consideration.

  • Break up letters must be courteous despite the emotions prompting the letter. On no account should the recipient be blamed for the breakdown of the relationship. A dignified break up letter stating the unfortunate ending of the relationship is always more desirable than an epistolary outburst.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that all civility is maintained in the break up letter. The reasons for the breaking up of the relationship must be stated simply and the sender can end the note by wishing happiness and luck to the recipient.
  • Since break up letters are so unpleasant, they can focus more on the pleasant memories shared by the couple while the relationship was existent, rather than stressing the nasty memories.
  • Break up letters must be clear. They should not extend false hope or unnecessary reassurances to the recipient.

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