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Breach Of Contract Letter


Mrs. Smith,

B5, Galaxy Towers,

St. Thomas Square,



The manager,

Gamma products,


Dear sir/ madam,

I, Mrs. Smith, am forced to write this letter in utter regret for the contract which I have entered with the Gamma products ltd. There are certain clauses of the contract which I have been breached from your side. First and foremost, the clause of free home delivery has been made a mockery. There had been no delivery even after 2 days of order being made. Then, I had to spend the extra buck and even the extra time for fetching the product which was meant to be delivered free of charge.

The accessories which are mentioned in the contract and those which are accompanying the product are totally a mismatch in terms of quality. There is sheer annoyance developing this side and an immediate response is expected. Also, the reason for the breaching of the contract and the compensation for the same is to be done, as per the compensation clause.


Mrs. Smith.

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