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Employment Contract Letter


Mr. Ian Morgan,

The human resource officer,

Hotel Holiday Destination


The principal,

Cult Hotel Management College

Dear sir/ madam,

I, Mr. Ian Morgan, the human resource officer from the Hotel Holiday Destination, am writing this letter to elucidate the fact that there are some changes due in the employment contract which we share. The association so far with the college has been very fruitful and the hotel management seeks to continue the contract for the coming 5 years as well. However, there are some changes which the hotel management wants to induce in the clauses of the employment contract.

The prime change is that the recruits will now need to sign a bond with the hotel for a time period of 3 years as against the earlier clause for bond of 30 months. On the other hand, the training session has also been increased by 20 days to meet the global standards in the hospitality industry. Other than these clauses, other minor changes are also apparent in the contract.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ian Morgan.

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