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Void Contract Letter


Mr. Scott,

Site Engineer,

DRK construction ltd


Mr. Royace John,


Prime construction materials.

Dear Mr. Royace John,

I, Mr. Scott, feel great regret to inform you about the cancellation of the contract which our construction company shared with your firm. This has been done after grave contemplation on the consequences of the termination of the contract. It has been repeatedly reported to you that the construction material which is being supplied from your side has been of inferior quality as per the decided measures in the contract which we have entered in.

Moreover, the quantity in which this adulteration is apparent is unavoidable not only on the legal front but also on the ethical front. The start of the association assumed very promising. However, it is very unfortunate that the promising start was never continued with repeated breach of contract from your side. This is the main reason for this void contract letter to come into existence. Wishing you all the very best for your future, signing off,

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Scott.

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