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Baptismal Invitation Letter

Dear Christine,

This is regarding the invitation you have sent last week inviting me and my husband Harold to grace the baptismal of your daughter Tricia. It is with great gratitude that I accept your invitation. I would like to accept your offer to be one of Lean’s godmother.

I know how Lean has brought so my joy and hope to you and your husband Anthony. I am really eager to be one of Lean’s second parents and guide her through the years.

Expect me and Harold to be there on Sunday at exactly 10am as instructed on the invitation you have sent. I wish you all the best most especially now that you have a daughter to nurture and care for. I can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful milestone of your life as a first-time mom. I hope to see you and our old friends on Sunday.

Best Regards,


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