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Baby shower invitation letter

September 21, 2010

Simone Webley

Milton Keynes, MK6 9AA

Dear Simone,

How are you these days?  I received the latest pictures of your kids that you sent last month.  They are all grown up now!  How time flies, especially if you are a mother – all of a sudden your baby is going to school.

Finally, I may also experience the joys and pains of motherhood.  After two years of being married, the Lord has finally blessed us with a baby.  I am seven months pregnant now with my first baby, and the latest ultrasound shows that it is a boy.  We are excited already and getting ready for his coming into the world.

We are gathering some friends and relatives in a baby shower on October 20 at the Superb Restaurant.  We really hope you could come and share in our joy.  I know that you have lots of stories to share with me, especially about the pains of labor and giving birth.  Do come with the kids.

Wishing to see you soon,


Racquel Bean

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