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Journalism Seminar Letter

Dear Ms. Andrea Williams:

I recently received a letter from your school paper inviting me to be one of your speakers in the upcoming Journalism Seminar and Workshop for your school organ staff. It is with much pride and honor that I accept your invitation for me to facilitate the New Writing workshop part.

I also served as one of the editors of The Pillars, your school organ since I am an alumna of your school. I hope this seminar and workshop would serve as a venue for me to meet the current staff of the paper and also learn something for their end.

I hope this workshop would serve as place where both the facilitators and student-journalists can learn something from each other.  May I just request someone from your group to pick me up somewhere as I am not anymore familiar with the place? I hope this would not be much of a hassle on your part.

I will see you all next week!


Margaret Wright

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