Acceptance Letters

Baby shower acceptance letter

Ms. Linda Howard

600 Broadway
Albany, New York 12207

January 4, 2011

Ms. Jennifer Pitt

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Dear Jennifer,

How are you doing?  I received the invitation to your baby shower yesterday and I would like to tell you that I gladly accept your invitation to be one of your guests.  I am so excited to see you and welcome you to the world of motherhood!

How is your pregnancy going?  I hope that all is well and that you and your baby are healthy as of your last pre-natal check-up.  Nine months goes by so fast and suddenly, you are already nearing birth.  Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and the special bond that you are able to form with the baby as it kicks and rolls around in your womb.  You will surely miss those moments, but then these will be replaced with wonderful moments of holding and cuddling your baby once he or she comes into the world.

Please tell me if you need any help with the preparations, I would happily help in any way I can.



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