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Acceptance letter for being a guest

Dr. Jane Aniston


California University

December 10, 2010

Ms. Ashley Peters


California High School

Dear Ms. Peters,

Good day!

I received your invitation to be the guest speaker of your school’s anniversary celebration yesterday and I write this letter in response.  First, let me thank you for inviting me to this significant event of your school.  I am delighted and honored at being chosen to share words of wisdom to your students.  The youth are the future leaders of our nation and the task of molding them into responsible and intelligent citizens is a great one.

I am pleased to accept your invitation.  It is my pleasure to take part, albeit in a minute way, in the molding of your young students.  I hope I will be able to inspire the students to pursue fulfilling careers and make their mark in the nation’s history.  As an alumnus of the school, I know it is an excellent learning ground.

Thank you.  I will arrive promptly for my scheduled speech.


Dr. Jane Aniston

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