Acceptance Letters

Fellowship acceptance letter

Mr. Anthony Wilkins


Young Writers Fellowship Center

November 9, 2010

Mr. Paul Simon

200 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Dear Mr. Simon,

Good day!

I am proud to inform you that you have been selected to be one of the 20 participants to our 2011 fellowship program.  The application form and the works you have submitted, both published and unpublished, have impressed the board and the selection committee.  Your profile shows a lot of promise and we believe that you will make waves in the field of creative writing in the near future.  We are hoping that our fellowship program will help you achieve greater heights and further hone your talents.

Enclosed with this letter is a brochure detailing the fellowship program, including the regulations you are expected to follow as part of the program.  Please make yourself ready for the program which will begin in January 2011.  As part of the fellowship program, you will be expected to submit an article showcasing what you have learned at the program end.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at (410) 794 7650.


Anthony Wilkins

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