Appeal Letters

Appeal Letter to Alumni


Mrs Braganza,


St Mary College of Commerce,



B. Com Final Year Students,

St Mary College of Commerce,


Dear pupils,

I, Mrs Braganza, the principal of St Mary College of Commerce, am writing this letter as an appeal. Within three days, you shall be leaving this college and completing your Bachelor Degree in the field of Commerce. I appeal you not to bring any harm on the college properties. The college is the place where you cement the foundation for your life and all the things you leave behind are utilised by other aspiring students.

Last year, students leaving the college resulted in heavy sabotage of the college properties and caused severe inconvenience to the college staff as well as to other teachers. I hope that such irrational act will not be repeated by students of this year. I wish you all the very best for the life ahead of you and I wish you good health and prosperity to all.

Yours caringly,

Mrs Braganza

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