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Appeal Letter to Insurance Company


Mr Simpson,

C -3, Bridgeton Archway,



Mr Jonathan,

Cover for Life Insurance Ltd,


Dear Mr Jonathan,

This letter is drafted in view of the current context and the need of insurance money for the car which I got insured from your firm, Cover for Life Insurance Ltd. Last night, my car met with an unfortunate accident. The car no is CR3 VL7D, while the car model is Ferrari F1 Enzo. This car has been insured from your firm six months earlier which also included cover for accident for the car. Since this unfortunate event of accident has occurred, I appeal for the insurance money for this disaster.

The car has been in the Traffic Police Dumping Ground and the officials have given 14 days for inspection of the car from the insurance firms. The enclosure of this appeal letter has been provided with the necessary copies of the insurance of the car and the report of the accident from the traffic police. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Simpson

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