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The work union,

Smithson ltd.


Marc Lesnor,

The chairperson,

Smithson ltd.

Dear folks,

I, Marc Lesnor, the chairperson of the organization in which you all put in the endeavour, want to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts which you all have put in the upbringing of this organization. It has been a long, long struggle with all the odds and the difficulties which has continuously stalked the organization. However, it is highly commendable the backing which the organization got from the working union in all the situations.

Besides the support which you people have always rendered to this organization, it is the timely suggestions which has made the entire working atmosphere very pleasant. The letter is not the only appreciation. The letter is the acknowledgement of the appreciation and this appreciation will be meted with material face of bonus very soon. The organization is in the process of contemplation of bonus details and as soon as decisions are made, it would be made apparent.

Thanking you,

Marc Lesnor.

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