Appreciation Letters

Work Appreciation Letter


Mr. Thomas Jones

Marketing Department,

ConnectAll Inc,


July 23, 2012

Subject: Appreciation letter for outstanding work

Dear Mr. Jones,

I would like to personally convey my heartfelt appreciation for your performance and contribution towards our organization which not only inspires others but also makes me very proud that our company has an employee like you. You go out of your way to help everyone and always come up with out of the box ideas which has made our company a leader in this sector. Your recent marketing campaign for ConnectAll has struck a chord with the consumers and rightly so, as you know how to touch the emotions of people and at the same time sell a product.

I have been tracking your work in this company and have always been very satisfied with your work. I have also heard very positive comments from your team leader and how you have been successful in reaching the target. You coordinate very well with the other departments and have very good multi-tasking abilities. We are very proud that we have an employee like you in this office and hope to see more innovative ideas from you.

Keep up the good work.

Yours truly,

Robert Hawkings

CEO, ConnectAll

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