Appointment Letters

Appointment Letters

Appointment letters are those documents which are used by a company, business concern, or any other employer to confirm a potential employee’s job, and to initiate him into the terms and conditions of his job. Appointment letters are professional and business like documents which convey the expectations of the company which the employee is expected to fulfill. Hence, they must be written carefully by professionals who are well versed in framing such letters.

  • Appointment letters must be concise and polite in tone. They should appraise the employee about the nature of his job and the duties he will be expected to perform.
  • Sometimes offices issue comprehensive appointment letters which highlight the values of the company, the monthly salary which the employee will receive, the benefits and perks which will be allotted to him and so on.
  • Even in case of such extended appointment letters care should be taken to ensure that the professionalism of the document is no lost.
  • Such letters are handed over to employees through post or email. They convey the beginning of the bond and service agreement between the employer and the employee. Hence the appointment letter must be given the consideration that is its due.

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