Termination Letters

When Terminating an Employee

Mr Gregory Thomson


Toyota Engineering

Mr Thomson

Please refer to our letter offering employment to you in this organization wherein as per terms and conditions therein, your services were liable to be terminated on giving a month’s notice should we find any irregularity or deviation from observing the company’s employment policy.

It has been brought to our notice that you have been harassing your colleagues and juniors in the office and you were advised and also warned to refrain from such activities. However, it is still being observed that you continue to harass your colleagues and juniors that they have threatened to quit the organization.

Under the circumstances explained above, the management is constrained to initiate termination of your service with effect from a month hereof. Please sign the duplicate of this letter and return the same in token of your accepting the action so that we could initiate step to settle all your dues up to the last date of your service.

Thank you

Very truly yours

Manager HR

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