Warning Letters

Warning Letter Example

John D’silva

Team Leader

Operations Department

ABC Pvt Ltd
45 Winston Road

Nottingham, UK

Date: 27th January 2012

Sub: Warning for poor performance

Dear Mr. D’silva,

I am issuing this letter as a note of warning for your consistent poor performance since last three months. You have scored low on almost every parameter during this quarter. You have been one of our efficient employees and such performance was least expected out of you. It is very disappointing to see employees like you perform so poorly.

You must be aware about the new company policy which states that any employee giving poor performance for two quarters continuously would be considered for termination. We therefore, warn you to start taking your work more seriously in order to avoid such a situation.

We expect you to work hard and give your best in the coming months. Please let us know if you need any kind of assistance from our end. We would be glad to help you.


Roger Andrews

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