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Valentine Letter

Dear Donna,

This is a letter I am writing to confess my grand love for you. I have been wishing to tell you how much I love for the longest time but my shy, weak heart usually gets the best of me. However, now I will tell you that you are the only person on earth I want to be with. There would be no meaning in my existence if it weren’t for you and your angelic face. It tortures me sometimes not to tell you how beautiful you are. Every single time I see you I just want to fall to my knees and tell you I love you. I hear you speak and I feel happy.

This special day I want to let you know that you are the most beautiful work of God. The example I have given you may not be enough to justify your beauty but I am certain that an example like you cannot be bettered. You are my sweetest angel and you will always be until the end of my days. On this day, I feel so glad that I can tell you how much you mean to me. Your life example would always be my inspiration and hope.

Your love,


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