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Valentine Love Letter

During special occasions, a written declaration of love could be daunting because it is something tangible and permanent. This is tantamount to validating a feeling every single time the recipient reads the letter. Valentine love letters, unlike ordinary spoken word, is something that could be kept for a long time.

Dear Coraline,

On this special day I wish to tell you that I have been your most faithful admirer. There is always this fear in me of having my romantic feeling towards you so openly examined and reread that causes some sleepless nights and some blank paper.

However, this time I take courage and show this romantic side of me to prove to you how much I love you. I keep this feeling hidden deep in my heart always treasured and taken care of so that one day, this very day, I could show you like chocolates in my open hands.

How quick the time flies when I think of you. In my own romantic way, I write this letter to let you know that whatever I may be doing or how occupied I am in my day’s work, my mind is always filled with sweet thoughts of you. With this letter is my heart wholly surrendered.

Your admirer,


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