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Sad Break up Letters

Break up letters are always sad. Making one is just as sad as the letter itself. It takes time to think what to write on it. When writing one, you should make sure that you keep it straight to the point and avoid beating the bush. Break up letters simply soften the impact of the situation.

Dear Mark,

You are the only person who has changed my life for the better. Since I met you, I have become a cheerful and hardworking person. Everything that you have given me was without doubt amazing. The moments I spent with you where captivating.  You are my first love and will always be that one true guy who has captured my heart.

You might be wondering why I am writing this letter. It’s because I want to break up with. Despite everything that I have felt for you, I find it best to end our relationship. I need some time to find the real me and experience what it’s like to live independently. I have relied on you so much, which is why I must learn how to be free. I love you and will always continue on loving you.

Always and forever,


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