Cancellation Letters

Timeshare cancellation letter

Date: June 1st, 2010

Ian Ridley,

Chief General Manager,

Charlotte Timeshare Company,

589,Quail Hill Road,

Charlotte, NC – 28210.

Subject: Request for timeshare account cancellation (Account no. 123587843).

Dear Mr. Ian Ridley,

Kindly consider this letter as my notice towards cancelling my timeshare account with your esteemed compnay. Along with this, I have enclosed a check bearing CH-58965 85 with 75 US dollars as final payment that was due on my current account.

As a result of clearing all the obligation pertaining to my account, I hope there won’t be any extra charges that needs to paid.

After receiving this letter kindkly confirm the proceedings. Please take a note in an event i don’t hear anything from company contrary within two weeks of reception, i would assume that my account is cancelled accordingly.

Yours Sincerely,

Ron Mathews.

582, Forest Trail Drive

Matthews, NC – 28105.

Account No: 123587843.

Phone No: 1 478 896 1485.

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