Cancellation Letters

Bank account cancellation letter

Ana Diop,

412, North 138 Street,

Omaha, Nebraska – 68154.

Phone: 1 254 879 6325.


Date: June 1st, 2010

Tom Kingston,

Bank Manager,

Omaha Bank,

365,Howard Street,

Omaha, Nebraska – 68114.

Dear Mr Tom Kingston,

Subject: Request for bank account closure.

I am writing this letter to inform you that i want to close the following accounts that I have in your branch as i would be relocating to UK over the month end.

Account details:

Saving Account – Account No. 8795885-251,

Salary Account – Account No. 5789565-365,

Checking Account – Account No. 9874561-954 and

Joint Account – Account No. 6547891-785.

Kindly mail me a cheque for remaining balance to my residential address and i would fill it up for remaining balances. I would highly appreciate if the bank gives a written acknowledgment  citing the above mentioned account closure. If there are any formalities or requirement pending from my side, then please call or mail me for the same.

Please do the needful at the earliest and i would like to thank you for your support & cooperation in the past.

With warm regards,

Ana Diop.

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