Cancellation Letters

Contract cancellation letter

Sandy Monora,

112, East 26th Street,

Des Moines, Iowa – 50317.

Phone: 1 025 069 8791,


Date: June 1st, 2010

Roy Senat,

General Manager for Operations,

Reliable Goods & Sales Inc,

58, North East Delaware,

Ankeny, Iowa – 50021.

Dear Mr. Roy Senat,

I am hereby sending this written notice to inform you that we are going to cancel our contract dated May 21st, 2010 for the sale of electronic and other related goods to Lowa Electronics Company for following reason.

On 25th May, 2010, your company had violated by signing agreement in the following respect: by failing to deliver the consigned electronic goods on or before 28th May, 2010. Cancellation of singed contract is effective from July 1st, 2010 and in respect to certain installment delivered on 25th May, 2010 or for any later goods delivery contracted for and in is same as the company breaching the agreement as a whole.

With regards,

Sandy Monora.

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