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Contract cancellation letter template

Date: June 1st, 2010

Dear Mr. Jacob,

I am hereby writing this to inform you for a change pertaining to automatic payment withdraw bearing 12AB58966 as account number. Currently, my premium sum is automatically withdrawn from my banking account number 12AB58966 held at Boston branch. Usually, the routine payment is withdrawn on 2nd of every month.

So, I kindly request you to cancel the authorization for the above mentioned automatic withdrawals. I also understand that I should give a minimum of fifteen days notice for the next transaction. Hence, I expect the final payment withdrawal to be on June 2nd, 2010.

I would greatly appreciate the timely attention for this request.

Thanking you,

Ford Ekes,


Manager for general payment,

Boston Financial Service Inc,

25, Charlestown,

Boston, MA – 02129.

Ford Ekes,

692, Washington Street,

Boston, MA – 02111.

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