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Insurance cancellation letter

Date: June 1st, 2010

John Perara,

Policy Cancellation Department,

Chicago Insurance Company,

981,North Kingsbury,

Chicago, IL – 60654.

Subject: Cancellation of Insurance Policy (Policy Number: CPOL – 9857458/IL/05).

I, Mrs.Gladys is sending this written notice letter and requesting you to kindly cancel the insurance policy effective from June 10th, 2010. I would greatly appreciate if the company were to send a written confirmation within a month’s time, mentioning that policy is put under cancellation.

Please refund the unused portion of money in terms of policy premium and stop charging any additional fees from the bank account towards monthly payment. Please feel free to contact me, if there is anything pending from my side or any formality that needs to be completed.

I sincerely thank you for your past service and personalized attention.


Mrs. Gladys,

51, West Byron Street, Unit1,

Chicago, IL – 60618.

Phone 1 693 582 4714.


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