Cancellation Letters

Notice of Cancellation Letter


Mr. David Mark

Managing Director

David and Co.

1833 Center Drive

Midwest City

Oklahoma City, OK 73110

Kindly take this as the official confirmation of cancellation of our contract (25th May) for the trade of healthcare products to David and Co. The reason for the termination of contract is as given below:

That on 2nd May, 2010, the contract was breached in the below mentioned respect:

Termination of this contract is activated in respect to certain installments which were delivered on 2nd May, 2010 from your organization as per our contract with David &Co. However, we observed a breach of contract on discovering that some of the goods were found to be completely damaged when reached our delivering site. This impairs the entire contract and with which we are unwilling to continue.

The damaged goods should be compensated from your side for an amount of $750.

Dated 25th May, 2010

Signature (Claire Davidson)

EM Foods

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