Goodbye Letters

Teacher goodbye letter

Ms. Eleanor Hawke

North Fort Myers, FL 33917

September 17, 2010

Prof. Eric Lange

Florida College

FL 33917

Dear Prof. Lange,

I learned recently that you are resigning as a teacher of the college and I would like to bid you goodbye.  You were a teacher of mine in Biology and I hope to tell you how much you inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.  You were very passionate in teaching us the wonders of science and I learned the most from your class compared to the many others I have taken.  You exude a genuine concern for us students and I found myself studying more because of this.  Thank you for everything you have taught me.  These lessons are proving to be very useful and important as I continue my studies as a doctor.

May you find fulfillment in the new job you take.  God bless you.


Eleanor Hawke

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