Goodbye Letters

Goodbye letter to son

Mr. Chris Hilton

Darling St

Kalamazoo, MI 49048

July 8, 2010

Mr. Andrew Hilton

111 Lee Ave

Lebanon, KY 40033

Dear son,

I received your letter yesterday telling us the news that you have been deployed by your company to manage the company’s new branch in Asia.  As you have stated, the opportunity is a rare and good one for you and your mother and I back you every bit.  We trust your judgement and although it is only normal for us to feel worried, we are also excited for you.  Opportunity truly knocks at the door once and we are proud of you for daring to try working in a new atmosphere.  Do take care of yourself always.  You will be living in a country entirely different from us and with a different language, too.  Learn their language quickly and also read about their culture so that you may adjust to their character and make friends there.  Goodbye and always keep in touch with us.



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