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Staff goodbye letter

Mr. Bert Allen

News Editor

Enquirer Daily

August 8, 2010

The Staff

News Section

Enquirer Daily

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Dear staff,

It saddens me to have to leave my job as news editor but I must say goodbye to everyone as I move on to other endeavors in my life.  I have already spent thirty years working in this newspaper and I will now be devoting my time to give trainings on journalism and editing.  I hope to pass on the knowledge and skills and help develop young writers who want to become journalists and editors.

I have spent wonderful years working with you.  I have seen a lot of talent and potential from everyone and I am sure that you will all go a long way as journalists.  I know that you will all work well with the new editor that will take my place as he has also been in the paper a long time.

Godspeed to all!


Bert Allen

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