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Tax Preparation Engagement Letter

Go Easy Income Tax Solutions Inc,



June 03, 2011

Robert Smith,

7458, Apple Valley,



Dear Mr. Robert,

Sub- Letter of Tax Preparation Engagement

We thank you for choosing us for finding right tax solutions to your tax return problems. The letter will help you to get aware of our terms and conditions of our engagement with you. You will also be known to our duration and type of services.

With the help of papers and documents submitted by you, all your income tax returns will be filed through our services. There may be requirement of additional documents which you need to provide from time to time. However, we have attached an organizer which will help you in efficient preparation of tax return of yours.

All documents provided by will be retained by us for five years.

If you agree with our terms and conditions, then please sign in the provided space.


Robert Smith                                       Richard Brown

(Client)                                                      (Manager)

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