Tax Letters

Tax Abatement Letter

Daniel Wilson,

4569, Albertson,

New York-11715,


Employer ID- 2365-45871

June 03, 2011

Internal Revenue Service

Washington, DC 20007-1907

Dear Sir,

Sub- Application for the tax abatement

With this letter I hereby request for the tax abatement for this year tax payment. During the year I have made several investments and given donations to various charitable institutions which are subject to tax abatement or tax deduction. Based on these investments and donations I request for the tax abatement.

I have also provided all the documents and papers with the filling of return which prove my right to obtain tax abatement. I have also mentioned in the return to what extent I should get tax abatement based on the amount of investment and donations.

I am expecting a positive reply from your side. I also hope that the provided documents will be enough evident to obtain such abatement.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Daniel Wilson

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