Sympathy Letters

Sympathy Letter to Boss

Ms. Molly Melville

Priory Street, Coventry


October 5, 2010

Mr. Raymond Goth

Team Leader

Aces Sales Group

Dear Mr. Goth,

I would like to express my sympathy for the unexpected illness your wife was diagnosed with.  I know these are hard and sad times for you and I hope that messages like mine would help you deal with what you are feeling.

I have met your wife in our previous company dinner and I perceive her to be a strong and determined woman.  I pray that through the medicines, her strong will, and the love and care of her loved ones she will be able to recover fully from her illness.  The Lord is kind and he hears our prayers.

Please do not be concerned about the work you have left behind as you attend to your wife.  The office is in good hands and everyone is working together to make sure that no work is left undone.

We pray for your wife’s speedy recovery.


Molly Melville

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Sympathy Letters

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