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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Mother

Mr. Daniel Brotherton

Cranfield, Bedfordshire

MK48 0AL

February 10, 2010

Mr. Kirk Ball

Paternoster Row, Carlisle


Dear Kirk,

I found out about the inopportune death of your mother due to an accident last week.  I deeply sympathize with you and I hope that you and your family are coping well with the loss.

I know that it is hard to lose a mother.  My mother died last year and we were all devastated.  But through continuous prayers and the guidance of the Lord, we were able to accept that He had only taken back the life that was borrowed.  Your mother lived a productive life and she will live on in the countless things that she has taught us.  I can never forget her warm presence in the numerous dinners that we attended in your house.  You certainly got your great sense of humour from her and through this, she will be present in your daily life.

I hope that this letter help you as you try to come to terms with your mother’s death.

Your friend,


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