Sympathy Letters

Sympathy Letter for Illness

Mr. Keith Parkin

Sales Department Head

Excellent Sales, Co.

September 18, 2010

Mr. Sebastian Jones

Northampton Square, London


Dear Mr. Jones,

I was informed by the human resources office that you have filed for a leave of absence because you have been diagnosed with cancer and need to undergo several treatments.  In behalf of the staff in our department, I express our symapthy with you and hope for the success of your treatments.

You will be missed in the one month that you will not be with us, but rest assured that everyone in the department will work together to ensure that everything goes well while you are on leave.  Do not worry about the work here, we can manage fine and will do our best to fulfill the tasks in the same level of excellence that you do them.

Should you need any assistance for your hospitalization and medication, feel free to contact us and we will contribute in any way we can.

Get well soon!


Keith Parkin

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