Sympathy Letters

Sympathy letter for accident

Ms. Lynne Woods

Preston, Preston


July 26, 2010

Ms. Catherine Currie

Parkgate Road, Chester


Dear Catherine,

How are you doing?  I was saddened when your mother informed me that you met an unfortunate accident last month while driving home.  I hope you recovering quickly from the car accident and that you did not suffer any serious injuries.  I deeply sympathize with you and hope for the best.

I hope that the truck driver that hit you was apprehended.  It is so dangerous to drive at night these days, especially since many trucks traverse the roads during this time.  I hope you can rent a place nearer your workplace so you would not need to be driving late at night just to go home.

I will visit you next week to see how you are doing.  It would also be great to catch up on the things that have been happening in our lives since we haven’t seen each other a long time.

Get well soon, dear friend!

Kind regards,


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