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Standard Format Template for a Cover Letter


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Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Express your genuine intention and interest to apply for the position you wish to get and briefly narrate where you got the information regarding this opened post.

In the second paragraph, you can choose to write your highest educational attainment or the degree related to the job position if you finished more than one degree from the name of the University or College where you graduated. Also, list here all the experiences you had related to the job or you can just highlight your greatest achievement in the field. This can be from your old previous or current job.

On the third paragraph, describe in your own words, your knowledge, skills and competencies required for the job. You can also discuss them in relation to the core values that are specified by the company. You can also highlight the good things you have in your curriculum vitae. But this time, make sure that you only include only the things of highest importance.

Express intense drive to be hired by the position by clearly stating your plan on how to do a follow-up about the interview or hiring status for the position. Lastly, make sure that you express gratitude for them taking their time to look at your curriculum vitae and considering you for the position.



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