Cover Letters

Template of a Good Cover Letter

Month, Day, Year

Mr./Ms./Dr. First Name & Last Name
Name of Organization
Street or P. O. Box Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Last Name:

Opening paragraph: State the reason why you are writing; include how you learned of the position and organization or company. You can also choose to include basic information about yourself.

2nd paragraph: Specify the reasons why you are interested with the position of the employer. State specific qualifications that make you a good and strong choice for the employer or office that is in charge of deliberating candidates for the position. Maximize the opportunity to explain details that are relevant to the job. You can also mention that your resume or curriculum vitae are also attached. If there are any other documents or enclosure, mention them.

3rd paragraph: Express your interest to have a formal interview to further discuss your qualifications which can be useful for the position. You can indicate when and how you will follow-up about the post. Make sure that your availability for interview is indicated. Mention that you are willing to provide more information and supporting documents if needed. Express gratitude to the employer for her/his consideration.


(Your handwritten signature)

Your name typed

Enclosures (refers to resume, etc.)

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