Proposal Letter

Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Talmod,

Good day sir!

On February 8, 2010 our school will be conducting an educational tour to the Asian countries. We will visit some of the historical places in Japan, Korea, China, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong and in Malaysia. This tour is intended for the students to open its awareness to the Asian culture and its tie with the western countries.

During the tour we will be wearing t-shirts that will bear the name of our school and some sponsors. We will be conducting an educational lecture to their local communities so that our students will be able to share their knowledge to the people in these countries. Our tour will cost us a lot that we need some sponsors to cover our expenses.

I is for this reason that I write to you sir. We are proposing if you can donate financial assistance to us, we will be able to include your company’s name to our t-shirt designs. This will in turn advertise your products to these Asian countries as well.

I do hope you would accept our proposal. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. John Perry

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