Proposal Letter

Business Proposal Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Ramsay,

Please be informed that I have attached here a business proposal letter that I believe you cannot simply refuse.

This business proposal is so huge that I want you to be the first to consider it. You are the first one that I have made this proposal offered and I am sure that you will take a deep look of this great project.

This business proposal have been carefully made and studied. There are so many things that are considered here and every positive aspects of the study have boiled down to this one great business proposal.

This proposal is considered confidential and none except the creators of this study know this. I offered this to you because I believe in your strong dedication to excel in any interest and your big influences to the people in our society. With the use of your help we can make this project a very wonderful and successful one.

I am hoping for your positive reply on this matter. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Alex Bennoit

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