Proposal Letter

Writing A Proposal Letter

Dear Aron,

Good day!

I write to you to inform you that I come up with a wonderful idea of building a computer assisted dress organizer. I have this concept and started to create a plan on how to achieve such an innovative concept.

I know that my idea will be big as there is yet no other person ever attempted to create it. To do this there is only one problem and that is I don’t have enough financial resources to put my concept into reality.

This is the very reason why I write to you. I would like to offer a proposal to you that if you assist me financially with this project we will share the recognition of creating it and share any profit that we might gain from selling this to the market.

I know that you have the financial capability and I do hope that you will say yes for this. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Albert E. Bell

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