Proposal Letter

Counter Proposal Letter

Dear Ms. Stockton,

Good day!

I acknowledge receipt of your business proposal to the company and I have forwarded it to the Board of Directors for decision.

After a week of deliberations and confirmations, we have seen several points where the company finds it not satisfied to accept it just yet. As a result we offer to you our counter proposal to your business idea.

The counter proposal includes the following terms:

  1. The name of our company in the streamers should be bigger than your original proposed size.
  2. We should use the color of our company which is yellow instead of blue.
  3. We will shoulder the transportation and food expenses provided that you advertise our companies at all opportunities for six months.
  4. Our company’s name shall be introduced first before any other sponsors.
  5. You assign one coordinator in our company

Please consider our counter proposals and we shall sign the contract should you accept this. Thank you and God bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Peter Manning

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