Acceptance Letters

Sponsorship Acceptance Letter


Kelly Nathan

3-H, Second floor, Hell’s Kitchen Block

Sunnyvale, CA


13th April 2012

Subject:  Acceptance of the sponsorship offered by your company

Dear Miss. Nathan,

This is regarding the sponsorship offering proposal that we received from your company for our college festival from 12th June 2012. We went through the details of the sponsorship that you are willing to offer to us and came to the decision that we will be more than pleased to accept it. St. Martin’s College Sunnyvale shall be honoured to be sponsored by a company of your stature and reputation.

As per your proposal, one banner from your company shall be put up on the main entrance gate of the college and smaller banners shall be put across the entire college during the college festivals dates which are from 1st June 2012 to 4th June 2012. Some of the promotion banners shall also be put up 1 week in advance to the college festival. We are glad to receive a total sum of $750 from you and will spend it in the best possible manner.

Thanks for the sponsorship. We shall be sending you 10 free passes for the festival.

Yours faithfully

Henry James

Senior College festival Volunteer

St. Martins’ college

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