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Sorry Letter to Wife

8/16, New Harley Road


27th January 2012

Dear Jennifer,

I am writing this letter to apologise for postponing our trip to Las Vegas which we had planned for our wedding anniversary this year. I know that I have never been able to manage enough time to take you out on a holiday ever since our marriage and I feel really sorry for it. I am also aware that this time it was me who had taken the initiative to plan a holiday on our 3rd wedding anniversary and you seemed quite excited about it ever since I shared this plan with you. But now due to this seminar that has been scheduled around the same time, it would not be possible for us to go.

I know you had made all the plans and were eagerly waiting for this holiday but we will have to postpone it by a few days or may be even a month. Please try to understand my situation and forgive me.

Your loving husband


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