Sorry Letters

Sorry Letter to Husband

8/42, Charleston Street

Cane Island, Florida

27th January 2012

Dear Peter,

I am writing this letter to apologise for my misbehaviour in the party last Sunday. I have been thinking about the way I reacted in front of your friends and am feeling very guilty about it.

I am really sorry but I just could not control my anger when you told one of your friends that you would drop him to his place on our way back home, knowing the fact that his house is completely out of the way. However, I have now realized that my reaction was a bit too heavy for such a petty issue. I should not have reacted this way.

I understand how embarrassing you would have felt because of my behaviour and I feel really sorry for it. I promise I will never behave in this manner in future. And hope you will forgive me this time.

Your loving wife,


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