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Sorry Letter to Cousin



Sun Valley, Idaho

June 11, 2012

Dear Libby,

I am so sorry about what happened the other night and I feel really bad that we fought over something so petty and trivial. I regret every word I said to you and how I hurt you with my behavior. It all started because of a misunderstanding and things just kept piling up in my mind. I know that I should have told you what is bothering me way before things got out of hand. But instead I went to Artie and told me what was hurting me. I did not mean to gossip about you or say mean things about you.

But I was so angry that I needed to vent. Please believe me that I did not mean half the things I said. I do not blame Artie for coming and telling everything to you because some way or another you would have to come to know this anyway. I just wished I had come to you first to clear things up instead of getting other people in our family involved.

Please forgive me for everything I did to hurt you and I hope we can have a good time Cousin Danny’s wedding.

Yours sincerely


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