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School Project Fundraising Letter

April 20, 2010

Mr. Peter Smith

35 High Street

New Haven, East Sussex


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to you in behalf of Northbrook College in Sussex.  Northbrook College is a school offering twelve specialist degrees in the arts.  The school offers good programs and the number of students have been increasing every year.

Recently, the school board decided to build a new theater that could better accommodate the growing school population.  The new theater will be used for drama classes, plays, and other school presentations and activities.  Construction of the building began last year but our funds have fallen short and it remains unfinished.  We are in need of at least £10,000 for construction to resume.

We remember that you are one of our alumni who have been generous in helping the school.  We would be most grateful if you would again aid us in this valuable project.

Thank you.

Faithfully yours,

Mr. Michael Wilson

Chairman, Theater Design Program

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