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School Leave Letter


James Hover,

Princeton Street, Hanover Mansion,

New York 565506


Mac Hamilton,

High School Education of New York,

New York 564346

Dear Sir,

I am James Hover, father of Rick Hover, requesting you to provide school leave for my kid so that he can attend special function being organized for him.  As you know, my kid is having better academic record and has special achievements in science stream, Science Society of New York has made special event to be addressed by him to kids wishing to go for science stream.

I hope there is no issue in providing such a leave considering that you too mentioned at many times that my kid is a top performer in science.  My kid needs at least 3 days of leave so that he can prepare his own speech as well as arrange the requirements in place before the event happens.

We are looking ahead for your formal approval towards this great cause and hope to see you in that special event for my kid’s morale booster.

Yours Sincerely,

James Hover

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